There’s an ‘R word’ that’s not in this woman’s vocabulary - Profile of ABCD Hero Carol Stamper 

By Adrian Walker, Boston Globe
Posted by ABCD Public Information 11/12/2015 Categories: 2015 Community Heroes ABCD Foster Grandparents Program

Not long into retirement, Carol Stamper realized she is not the retiring type.

So when the grandmother of nine, and great-grandmother of three, left her last job in the computer industry, she started looking for a new place to report each morning. She found her new vocation at the William Monroe Trotter Innovation School in Dorchester.

That move, made a little over a decade ago, has proven its worth.

Read the rest of the article here.

ABCD Hosts Open House 

News Brief in the Bay State Banner
Posted by ABCD Public Information 10/26/2015 Categories: ABCD Dorchester Roxbury

News Brief from the Bay State Banner on the Roxbury/ North Dorchester Open House held Thursday, October 22nd. Read more here.

Incomes rise, but many Mass. families still in need 

By Katie Johnston, Boston Globe
Posted by ABCD Public Information 10/13/2015 Categories: ABCD

The number of people served annually by the antipoverty agency Action for Boston Community Development has grown to a projected 108,000 clients this fiscal year from fewer than 95,000 in 2010. John Drew, ABCD’s chief executive, said the gap between haves and have-nots has become more “startling” over the years, with pockets of intense poverty around the city.

Indeed, the only segment of wage earners in Massachusetts that experienced statistically significant growth in income between 2013 and 2014 were households earning more than $200,000 a year, growing by nearly one percentage point, according to the census data.

“We haven’t changed really any of our real structures that will help alleviate poverty and child poverty,” Drew said. “We’re triaging it, we’re doing our best to make people not fall off the map, we’re doing our best to make sure they don’t freeze in the winter and don’t starve.”

But, he said, ‘We’re not solving problems.” Read more here.

Heating oil prices at their lowest since 2009 

By Jay Fitzgerald and Jack Newsham, Boston Globe
Posted by ABCD Public Information 10/13/2015 Categories: ABCD Fuel Assistance LIHEAP Fuel Assistance Winter Emergency Campaign

For low-income families, the decline in heating oil prices could take some pressure off tight household budgets, offsetting rising rents and electric bills, said John Drew, president of Action for Boston Community Development, or ABCD, a nonprofit antipoverty agency that provides heating assistance in the Boston area. More than 180,000 households in Massachusetts qualify for federal heating assistance, and lower fuel oil prices mean their grants would buy more, Drew said.

“It helps offset all the other costs in their lives,” he said. “That’s the one dividend they have, that oil hasn’t gone up.” Read more here.

Worries about health care law leads tax filers to seek professional help  

by Deirdre Fernandes, The Boston Globe
Posted by ABCD Public Information 2/26/2015 Categories: ABCD Earned Income Tax Credit, VITA program Tax Assistance

"Worries about how the Affordable Care Act may affect 2014 returns could drive more filers to spend hundreds of dollars to get professional help from accountants and preparation services, tax specialists said." read more.

Crowd Comes Out for ABCD NE/WE NSC Valentine's Party 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 2/26/2015 Categories: ABCD North End West End ABCD

"The ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center (NE/WE NSC) recently held its Valentine’s Party.  Nearly 60 members of the community, almost all of them seniors from the neighborhoods, came to the center at 1 Michelangelo Street in the North End to enjoy salad, chicken, potatoes, broccoli, cake, and coffee, despite the latest round of snowstorms!" read more.

The Curse Of The Cold: As Heat Assistance Runs Out, Advocates Ask State For Help  

by Craig LeMoult, WGBH News
Posted by ABCD Public Information 2/26/2015 Categories: ABCD LIHEAP Fuel Assistance

"It’s been a tough winter for 80-year-old Renaud Mirville of Mattapan." read more.

Community groups seek more heating aid  

by Jack Newsham, The Boston Globe
Posted by ABCD Public Information 2/24/2015 Categories: ABCD LIHEAP Fuel Assistance

"Community service agencies in Massachusetts are pleading for more heating assistance dollars after they say a month of crippling storms has left the state’s poorest residents struggling to pay their bills." read more.

Despite The Snow, Maverick Square Community Tries to 'Get Things Going Again' 

by Zeninjor Enwemeka, WBUR News
Posted by ABCD Public Information 2/20/2015 Categories: ABCD LIHEAP Fuel Assistance

"In East Boston’s Maverick Square Thursday three things stood out: snowbanks, snowbanks and snowbanks. There were mountains of snow everywhere, shrinking the roads and in some cases cutting two-way streets down to the size of one-ways." read more.

Farmer's Market Collects Hats, Scarves, Gloves for ABCD​ 

by Charlene Arsenault, Patch Staff
Posted by ABCD Public Information 2/17/2015 Categories: ABCD Winter Emergency Campaign

"The folks behind the Wayland Winters Farmers’ Market (Russell’s Garden Center) are collecting hats, scarves, gloves and mittens for the Action for Boston Community Development." read more.

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