MBTA eyes discounts for low-income riders in the future 

by Nicole Dungca, Boston Globe
Posted by ABCD Public Information 1/8/2016 Categories: MBTA

As the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority considers fare increases, advocates for low-income residents are encouraging the agency to implement something new in the state: discounts for those customers who have the hardest time paying.

John J. Drew, the chief executive of the antipoverty organization Action for Boston Community Development, said his employees reached out to the MBTA after first hearing about a possible discount for low-income riders.

“We help 100,000 people all over Greater Boston,” Drew said. “We have the apparatus where we could document and certify people” as low-income.

Drew, who objects to the MBTA’s proposed fare increases in general, said he believes such a program would be an important step in helping some of the people who need the T the most.

“There are an awful lot of people who totally depend on that system, and their lives depend on that system because they can lose their jobs and everything else,” he said.


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Opponents: MBTA Fare Hike would hurt poor most 

Matt Stout, O’Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald
Posted by ABCD Public Information 1/8/2016 Categories: MBTA

The MBTA wants to jack up bus and trolley prices for public school students by 23 percent as part of its plan to cap a $242 million budget shortfall as new fare hikes that will hit just about every rider were rolled out yesterday.

John J. Drew, president of 
Action for Boston Community Development, Inc., said a sudden fare increase would hit poor families the hardest.

“For folks trying to get to and from work, for people with disabilities, for the elderly, every penny counts,” Drew said. “A sudden and significant fare hike would hit these people hard.”

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