Can poor women 'Lean In' to better lives? 


boston.com | April 27, 2013

By Sharon Scott-Chandler, executive vice president of Action for Boston Community Development Inc. (ABCD)

At one point In her popular and controversial book "Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead," Sheryl Sandberg quotes Ellen Bravo, Director of the Family Values @ Work Consortium, who observes: “…most women are not thinking about ‘having it all’, they’re worried about losing it all – their jobs, their children’s health, their family’s financial stability – because of the regular conflicts that arise between being a good employee and a responsible parent.”

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Foundation grant will buy textbooks for Urban College downtown 

4/23/2013 Categories: Urban College

April 18, 2013 | By Jeremy C. Fox, Town Correspondent

A charitable foundation established by lawyers at a downtown firm has awarded a two-year college for underserved students with a grant to purchase textbooks for use by students who cannot afford their own.

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Tufts Health Plan Foundation program introduces Cristo Rey students to philanthropy and grants 

4/11/2013 Categories: Foster Grandparents Program

By Patrick D. Rosso, Town Correspondent, boston.com

It’s not unusual for high school students to take part in philanthropic initiatives, but unlike other programs the Tufts Health Plan Foundation’s Future Philanthropists Initiative gives students the power to distribute up to $20,000 to non-profits making a difference in the community.

Now in its second year, the program brings 17 high school students from Boston and the suburbs together for a 12-week course that teaches them about grant writing, philanthropy, health care for older adults, and community engagement.

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Poverty Impacts Developing Brains 

4/11/2013 Categories: Poverty


One in five children in America live in poverty. In Suffolk County, which includes Boston, Revere, Chelsea, and Winthrop, the rate of childhood poverty is even worse. That's according to census data highlighted in a recent report by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

If you ask Amanda Currin, a mother of three on welfare, what poverty looks like, she'll tell you it depends on where you're looking.

"Different countries, you think of little kids on TV eating oatmeal or rice out of a bowl, you know, dirty, no clothes," Currin said. "But here, it's this. It's me, it's every other family that I know from South Boston."

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