Head Start Agencies Sue Over Obama's Recompetition Rules 

3/28/2012 Categories: Head Start

By Saki Knafo

Not long ago, Bob Ruseau, a stay-at-home dad who lives in Medford, Mass., ran into an old friend from the neighborhood who said she was surprised by how much his 5-year-old son had changed since she'd last seen him. "She remembered Matthew as a shy, withdrawn, little boy," Ruseau recently recalled, "and now he's totally different."

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At "recovery" high schools, sober and college-bound 

3/28/2012 Categories: William J. Ostiguy High School

By Seth Doane

The most recent data available paints a rather startling picture of drug abuse in schools. According to the 2009 National Institute of Drug Abuse study, 20 percent of America's high school youth disclosed the recent use of an illicit drug. In the last year, more than 16 million Americans ages over 12 say they've taken a prescription drug for non-medical purposes.

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How Obama’s Latest Education Initiative Could Threaten American Preschool 

3/23/2012 Categories: Head Start

Simon van Zuylen-Wood | March 23, 2012

Last month, I toured Washington D.C.’s Edward C. Mazique Parent Child Center, one of 1,600 low-income preschool providers funded by the federal Head Start program. 

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Tracked Down: Tim Gunn, Tom Brady, Melissa McMeeki 

3/23/2012 Categories: ABCD

By Inside Track
Sunday, March 18, 2012

The cast of “Les Miserables” holding a benefit for ABCD at the Boston Opera House the night after their cast party at the Nine Zero Hotel... 

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EITC: File Your Taxes for Free and Get a Bigger Refund 

March 17, 2012
If you haven’t filed your income tax returns this year, here is some important information you should know before you do so! On this edition of “Centro”, we’ll talk about a program that can actually help you file your taxes for free and you can possibly receive a larger return this year.

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Income for elderly falls short, study finds 

3/1/2012 Categories: Elderly Poverty

Massachusetts seniors face largest gap in US

By Gail Waterhouse |  GLOBE CORRESPONDENT   
MARCH 01, 2012

The elderly in Massachusetts struggle with the nation’s largest shortfall between income and costs, with the age group’s median income covering only about 60 percent of basic living expenses here, according to a study to be released today.

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